RytAngle - The In-store biz communication system
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Connect with In-store Customers in an amazing new style

Reduce your service wait time

Get effective feedbacks

Register consumer for programs

Reward loyal customers

Market your special offerings

Free digital signage


It's a cloud connected device for service businesses

Talks to any smart device

Take surveys, give rule based rewards and publish your content on any smart device your visitor is carrying. They don't need any App download.

Connects to TV in store

Makes for a great Digital Menu Board or Signage solution with complete content management system on cloud

Who we Help ?

Service oriented businesses

Businesses which needs to simultaneously communicate with many customers in store


Restaurants & QSRs


Hotels & Resorts

Salons & Spas

Food Trucks

Why Rytangle ?

Almost all visitors to your business unit carry a smart device, like a phone, a tab or a laptop.

It is extremely effective if your business can interact with in-store customers directly on their smart devices. It'll be a more efficient communication channel, enabling you to serve far more visitors without getting overwhelmed.

We are the world's most effective In-store business communication solution for service oriented businesses.

Surveys in a jiffy

Create unlimited surveys or feedback forms on our cloud application. Your visitors can reply to these forms from their smart devices.

This works great for new sign ups and registrations for rewards or newsletter programs.

Reward Loyal Customers

Design the rewards on our cloud application. Define the rules and our system will deliver these reward coupons on visitor phone when there is match.

As rewards offered will be visible to customer before ordering, businesses can influence buying decision by smart rewards.

Up-sell specials & offers

Create slideshows with Images and offers. Connected devices will run a slideshow of these images and associated text on the home page.

It is a very powerful publishing tool that enables businesses to send rich content to visitor devices for high degree of engagement.

Free digital signage

Build menus or simple slideshows and run it on your in-store TV. All the signage applications come bundled with the system.

This also enables businesses to offer much-needed consumer awareness of Rytangle network and services available

Create, schedule and forget

For all the applications on cloud, you can define the time of the day, day of week or specific dates on which you want your customers to see it.

Avoid last-minute rush for changing menus, offerings or discounts on special days.

Decrease wait time

By Giving all the information the customer needs to decide on the service you save valuable time at the counter and billing. Imagine 2 Mins improvement in a line of 5 will cut the wait time by 10 Mins for last guy standing.

We also build custom ordering solutions for your business. Call us to know more.

Who we help ?

We provide world class solution for service oriented business units.

Events & Event Management companies

Restaurants & QSRs


Hotels & Resorts

Salons & Spas

Food Trucks