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Rytangle Solution

Is an intelligent mix of a hardware device that anchors the communication in the store.


A cloud server to control devices from anywhere in the world.

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Rytangle Device is a powerful and reliable mini computer that serves all the in-store marketing needs of businesses

It Creates a Wifi Network and talks to any smart devices connected to the network. The customer sees a variety of business related applications

Rytangle device also connects to in-store TV via VGA cable.
This makes for a great signage or Digital Menu board system.

Controlled from anywhere in the world using our cloud interface. Cloud also hosts a variety of editing tools.

How It Works?

1. Configure the Device

Connect the device to Ethernet and a screen using the accessories in the package.

Login to Rytangle cloud and add the code visible on the screen.

That's it. Your device is configured

2. Build content

Create Feedback forms, special offers and reward coupons

Upload some images and get great looking TV slideshows Publish on the device.

3. Enjoy the Magic

Now when the customer connects to the WiFi network created by the device, they get feedback requests, the rewards and special offers right on their phone.
Guests enjoys great content on your in-store TV.
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Apps that visitors see on the Phone

When the visitor connects to the WiFi network, they get an application page like this. User can choose to provide feedback, explore the slideshow of offers for better choices and cash the rewards they have received.

We can custom build an application for you. Please give us a call at +91-80-8870-8870 or drop an e-mail to sales@rytangle.com

Cloud Based Device Controls

  • Real-time update of connection status of devices
  • Control the name of the WiFi network
  • Complete control on device and location updates
  • Resolution control to work with various generations of TVs

Slideshow builder for TVs

This enables user to
  • Choose from various templates
  • Add text list to the slideshows
  • Add Images & media playlist per slide
  • Add as many slides to a slideshow
Ideal for
  • Restaurants to publish Menus
  • Retail to showcase the list of Items and associated playlist
  • List of services or Schedules for an Event management Company

Survey Form - Published on visitor Phone

With this App
  • Create questions
  • Select type of response expected
    single, multiple or descriptive
Ideal for
  • Restaurants for taking customer feedback
  • Increasing customer registration for loyalty programs
  • Surveys in changing environment
  • Event Companies to increase engagement

Rewards and Coupons - Published on visitor Phone

  • Define business rules for delivering rewards
  • Define as many rewards as you want no limitations
  • Assign coupon code for tracking
  • Define validity of rewards
  • Schedule rewards User can define the day and time duration to deliver specific rewards.
  • Micro management User can define location specific rewards. Every location can have different business rules, design and schedule.

Offers & Specials- Published on visitor Phone

Using this Application you can publish Product promotions, offers and descriptive pages like product Info on the Customer’s mobile device.

  • Define slides with rich Images
  • Descriptions
  • Eye catching Titles/offers
Ideal for
  • Event Companies to publish agendas
  • Retail to launch new products or top offers
  • Restaurants to promote key items and publish trivia etc.